Martin Stürtzer – Aquatic Cosmos

Martin Stürtzer - Aquatic Cosmos

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Martin Stürtzer – Aquatic Cosmos

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD EP, Private Release, 2023

It’s hard to keep up with the fast-paced tempo of releases by this talented German synthesist, but the quality of his music doesn’t seem to be the least affected by that at all. This also applies to the solid and mature electronic music -this time all built around subtle rhythmic patterns- making up a 4-track/30-minute “Aquatic Cosmos”. The resulting atmospherics radiating from the attentively layered soundscapes are quiet, overtly chilled, and warm as we hover most gently across smooth textural surfaces that also feature sophisticated nods of IDM and dub.

All in all, this is an accomplished release to space out and relax. Headphones recommended.


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