Martin Stürtzer – Far Beyond the Stars

Martin Stürtzer - Far Beyond the Stars

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Martin Stürtzer – Far Beyond the Stars
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Exosphere Music, 2020

This is the debut album of German soundartist Martin Stürtzer (better known as Phelios and the project Späre Sechs) on Synphaera’s sublabel Exophere. “Far Beyond the Stars” is a full-blown spaced-out ambient work that sees a pairing of darker tones, ethereal soundscapes and profound textures with bits of modern Berlin School sequencing all ending up in expansive, 24-bit sound design.

The 60-minute, slow progressing recording airs a pleasant, mesmerizing as well as rather surreal set of cosmic atmospheres. Its cinematic character and beautifully molded celestial mechanics bloom even more when experienced with quality headphones. Highlights: “Pleiades” and “Starburst”. Nice going, Martin.


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