Martin Stürtzer – Spaceport

Martin Stürtzer - Spaceport

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Martin Stürtzer  – Spaceport
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2024

Here’s another space music outing by the capable Martin Stürtzer that features nice sets of soft sparkling yet circular Berlin School-ish sequencer patterns merged with a range of warm spacious pads. The unhurried, smooth evolving atmospheres sketched out on the seven-track outcome are calm and cinematic as the listener floats effortlessly through a lush cosmic expanse. The sound design of both “Habitat Section” and “Hypersleep Recovery Station” is profoundly mellow while that of “Airlock Module” turns out subdued dynamic.

“Spaceport” is accomplished well but, compared to “Lander Modules”, is a tad less captivating to my ears.


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