Martin Stürtzer – Temporal Paradox

Martin Stürtzer - Temporal Paradox  


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Martin Stürtzer –  Temporal Paradox
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Echo Elberfeld, 2021

Here’s another fine release by Wuppertal-based synthesist Martin Stürtzer for those like like to to space out in rather bright celestial environs. It’s an overall gentle unfolding sonic journey which sees Martin merge slow Berlin School sequences with smooth textures and floating pads to drift-off, unwinding effect.

With the exception of the ethereal soundscape “Dimensional Drift”, I though feel the recording sounds a bit too noncommittal. It’s not that exciting and less interesting compared to the darker lit voyages with more tension Mr Stürtzer undertakes as well.

Purchasers of the cd-version of “Temporal Paradox” get one bonus track (“Tachyon”) that was previously available on the download-only “The Omarion Nebula”.


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