Massergy – Fire Opal

Massergy - Fire Opal


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Massergy – Fire Opal
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2019

As has been the case for all previous Massergy music, Eric Jensen performed, recorded, and mixed the complete outcome entirely outdoors without the use of any sequencers, loops, software, or plugins, applying analogue, digital, and hybrid hardware exclusively. In addition no sound edits or manipulations were made after the fact, so all of the tracks on the recording sound exactly as they did when they were originally born.

“Fire Opal” was three years in the making and was inspired by Mexican folklore and the use of psychedelics. The album’s musical theme itself was inspired by a Mexican ceremony called “Velada” – a psychedelic healing ritual performed by Mazatec Indian doctors and healers. The purpose of a Velada is to break the boundaries of our plane in order to commune with gods, spirits and divine beings. This is achieved through mantra, meditation and the use of sacred entheogens native to the Mazatec region like psilocybin mushrooms or salvia leaves. It’s important to note the reverence Mazatec people hold for these substances. They are not seen as recreational drugs – they are medicinal tools used to enhance one’s own growth and help the user overcome personal challenges. A Velada can reveal profound visions, uncover buried secrets and evoke several contrasting emotions. Ultimately, this deep experience grants divine healing and knowledge.

Thus “Fire Opal” is a musical tour through various stages of the Velada – essentially the stages of a non-recreational psychedelic experience. Each track marks a different stop along the journey with the sole traveller bearing a Fire Opal stone for safe passage. The 70-minute outcome is a highly captivating sound trip of profound resonating textures, soaring pads and smooth sequenced parts. It’s an embracing yet deepening space where dynamic tranquillity blends most sophisticatedly with ethereal, delicate ambiences and lush shifting currents of ceremonial, ancient mystery. Exceptional aural paintings where spirits fly high and emotions run deep are “Cold White Smoke”, the piece and “El Viajero”. Suffice to say Eric Jensen has delivered another quality work of mesmerizing atmospheric ambiences.


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