Massergy – The Vast Colure

Massergy - The vast colure


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Massergy – The Vast Colure
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Arecibo Records, 2013

His impressive album “A Novel Sense of Calm” made me look into the back catalogue of US-synthesist Eric Jensen, aka Massergy. Its predecessor “The Vast Colure” -performed, recorded and mixed in Austin’s outdoors- may sound a slight bit more rustic and unpolished at first listen but the core of the 11 transcendental ambient compositions is still a profound, spiritual and highly emotive affair coming up close and personal before the listener’s ears.

I’d say Eric has been able to put his finger on the pulse(s) of life, guide and feel its energy and channel it through beat-less, minimalist expanses of drone textures and imminent soundwaves of shadows and light. Simultaneously, it’s comforting and fulfilling to sense a mellow melancholic vibe throughout the whole, mostly improvised recording which features the hauntingly beautiful “Ghosts Of Terlingua”, “Antyesti”, “Pallid Mourning” , “Vespers and Compline” and “Then the Sky” to name just a few pinnacles.

All in all, Massergy’s mesmerizing ambient tone poems should be listened to on low volume and are an appropriate choice as evening and nocturnal music.



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