Mathias Grassow – Divinations

Mathias Grassow - Divinations

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Mathias Grassow – Divinations
CD, Gterma, 2017

“Divinations”, an almost 80-minute recording featuring five haunting ambient tracks, is a new chapter in Mathias Grassow’s Alchemy Suite inspired by man’s quest for higher knowledge and his taking to mysticism and obscure practices to find it. It’s a minimal, morphing yet spacious soundscape fitting very well to the fall and winter season.

From the start an ethereal, soft glowing mass starts spreading its wings in a vast tapestry of slow evolving textures and occasional minimal tribal rhythms glued together forming an inner sanctuary or refuge while encapsulating a slight sense of mourning. Profound minimalist soundscaping is displayed on “Spiraling Entities of Light”. The 30-minute duration of the latter is too long though. Fortunately, things are afloat and disappear in the distance on the more pleasant ethereal waves of “The stars cry in silence”.
All in all, this album’s music, except the lengthy piece, deserves 3,5 stars.

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