Mathias Grassow – Himavat

Mathias Grassow - Himavat

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Mathias Grassow – Himavat
CD/DIGITAL Download, Staalplaat, 1999

I’ve reviewed quite some (more recent) recordings by German drone-master Mathias Grassow, so here’s an older one from his back-catalogue.

The cold, the dark and a distinct Tibetan feel are the intriguing ingredients making up the continuous, dense atmosphere of “Himavat”, King of the Himalayan mountains and snow. Mathias’ trusted companion Klaus Wiese complements the slow morphing, ominous, minimalist drone-textures on harp, chimes and singing bowls, adding an extra layer to what appears an almost ceremonial, transcendental, sometimes even haunting listening experience into (nether)worlds beyond. Then again it’s mesmerizing hearing the sonic spectrum open up on the last few tracks “KoHam” and the ethereal “Pathfinder V”.

“Himavat” is another candidate for those prefering longform ambient for deeper listening or catacombal atmospheres as well as listeners wanting to explore the deeper nature and “spiritual-energy-flow” in music.

Years later, “Himavat” was re-released by Musical Philosophy and finally by Mathias himself as a download.


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