Mathias Grassow & Michael Brückner – Polar Vortex

Mathias Grassow & Michael Brückner - Polar Vortex

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Mathias Grassow & Michael Brückner – Polar Vortex

“Polar Vortex” -a magical ambient journey created in 2017 and 2018 leading the listener from mystical regions of the north to realms beyond- is a 75-minute ambient canvas featuring various smooth sliding atmospheres and degrees of intensity while addressing introspective spaces as it unfolds.

“The North” and “Mirror” sketch out a contemplative aural landscape while the textural realm of these compositions is expanded with ritualistic percussion on “Drums of Shoom”. A psychedelic sound makes up “The Waiting Hour” displays, then moving back to “Xau Etách’s” ethnic/Eastern-flavoured territory. Wordless female (kind of Loreena McKennitt-ish) vocals enhances the contemplative -but at the same time also rather mysterious and ominous – realms of “Shanti”.

The culmination of spheres and emotive currents of this ambient tone poem though turns out best on the closing track “The Falling of Leaves” which features a lovely, elevating solo voice and intimate cello playing embedded in the morphing textures.

The download-version of the album on BandCamp offers a 46-minute bonus track where sequencers enter the stage.




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