Mathias Grassow – Tamanoshima

Mathias Grassow - Tamanoshima

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Mathias Grassow – Tamanoshima
CD, Gterma, 2013

The almost 80-minute “Tamanoshima” follows in the footsteps of Mathias previous releases on Gterma, again travelling into deep, uncharted but still lengthy sonic environment.

The meticulously crafted continuous waves and drone fields remain intense and mysterious, smoothly shifting color and shape in most subtle manners. Listening to these slightly mind bending sonic excursions (which all seem strongly connected to the water element) with headphones once more show the fine craftsmanship of the German composer to paint expansive inner landscapes that evoke mesmerizing, hypnotizing spheres. The icing on the cake is the 51-minute “Eternal Drift”, where things gently float and feel at ease as we traverse a massive ocean.

Fans of Grassow’s minimal-ambient can’t go wrong with this soft glowing soundscape release, which seems even more impressive now that the darker, colder days of fall and winter kick in on this side of the hemisphere.

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