Mathias Grassow – The Darklight Quest

Mathias Grassow - The Darklight Quest

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Mathias Grassow – The Darklight Quest
CD, Gterma, 1998/2016

Mr Grassow’s “The Darklight Quest” comes with an “explicit warning” printed on the backside of the booklet “Ambient Nocturnal Expanding Thought”. This line sums up most accurately what the hypnotizing and haunting textural music (mainly based on a same-titled privately released cd-r in 1998 and for this new edition expanded with a prelude) is all about as it takes the listener on a deep, mesmerizing trip to worlds beyond with its spacious, minimal drone tapestries.

The dreamy and mysterious is lurking constantly in the lengthy outcome, wandering through massive, gothic, desolate and lush aural environs effortlessly. “The Darklight Quest” is definitely a fine album for deeper listening and immersion.

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