Mathias Grassow – The Nightquest Sessions

Mathias Grassow - The Nightquest Sessions

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Mathias Grassow – The Nightquest Sessions
CD, Gterma, 1998/2016

Looking at the range of releases on Gterma its clear label owner John Rehn is an avid fan of the darkening ambient-drone works of German musician Mathias Grassow. This version, a slightly altered and edited version of the album Mr Grassow released privately on cd-r in 1998, is a brooding and vast long form soundworld meant as three parts of a big dream addressing a dream of remembrance, during relaxation and sleeping and the states between both stages.

“The Nightquest Sessions” offers a bulk of slow shifting dronescapes, spacious environmental sounds, infinite loops and treatments, all enhanced by delicate e-guitar and the mesmerizing soundings of Klaus Wiese’s Tibetan singing bowls. It’s a most haunting, hypnotizing listen with many foreboding and very remote sounding passages passing by, especially impressive on the 43-minute inward journey “Eigenlicht” that morphs on rather effortlessly. On the final track “Chromestesia” things start to bloom in an ethereal sense as the signs of dawn appear bit by bit.

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