Mathias Grassow – Uttarakuru

Mathias Grassow - Uttarakuru

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Mathias Grassow – Uttarakuru
CD, Gterma, 1999/2012

“Uttarakuru” (the Sanskrit name for a continent in ancient Hindu and Buddhist mythology) is a double-album containing minimal ambient drone music and occasional flute recorded in April 1999 by Mathias Grassow.

Both discs contain one expansive, continuous track of 74 minutes each, sonically showing many similarities with the warm mood and flow found on “Himalaya”, which was established in the same period.
In this respect, Mr Grassow refers to the outcome as hypnotic “sound spirals” for deep resting and personal reflection in moments where a peaceful stillness is appreciated.

“Uttarakuru” offers the dreamy, soul and mind cleansing soundtrack to a journey inward with its slow morphing and mesmerizing textural landscapes.

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