Mathias Grassow – Wisdom of Fate

Mathias Grassow - Wisdom of Fate

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Mathias Grassow – Wisdom of Fate
CD, Gterma, 2012

For over two decades, German composer Mathias Grassow is known as one of the strong purveyors of deep and immersive ambient music in the genre. Not only for his solo releases, but also his extensive, fruitful collaborations with other kindred spirits around the globe, most notably in Italy.

The quiet sonic environment encountered on the double album “Wisdom of Fate” (the attachment to his “Alchemystery”-album on the same label) is a slow changing and morphing world of smooth spiralling spheres and textures, spanning 78 minutes on each disc.

Besides electronics, Mathias uses flute, subtle sequencer, percussion and rhythmic patterns in his hypnotic and spacious sound design, blending the different layers seamlessly together. Sometimes it seems the voice of the earth (or is it a shaman?) is rising up from the deep end of the overall mysterious, soft breathing drone textures. In addition, a sense of intrinsic drama along a string of tension comes much more to the surface on the three lengthy tracks filling the second disc to the brim.

All in all, if you like mesmerizing, minimal and in the moment created free form ambient with organic undercurrents, “Wisdom of Fate” will resonate beautifully to that.

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