Matt Borghi & Loneward – The Still Guardian

Matt Borghi & Loneward - The Still Guardian

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Matt Borghi & Loneward – The Still Guardian
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2019

Mike Carss is known as an ambient artist who chooses to work on his own, which applies to almost all his recordings he made under the Altus-moniker.

Now here’s the first collaborative effort he took on with musician Matt Borghi for the Loneward project painting an evocative, uplifting and expansive aural landscape taking the listener into alternate worlds beyond the mind’s eye. In addition to that, emotions run high and deep from start till finish on the 78-minute soundscape drifter “The Still Guardian” where a sense of awe and wonder as well as a dash of longing is running throughout and underneath each of the seven pieces.

Comfort, fulfillment and grace are also what make these gentle wavering yet intense ambient textures special. Tracks like “Silent Harmony” and “Monomyth”, where smooth e-guitar melts beautifully with warm embracing tapestries, expresses this well. Check out the full recording when you’re into introspective mood music I’d reckon.



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