Matt Coldrick – Music for a Busy Head

Matt Coldrick - Music for a Busy Head

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Matt Coldrick – Music for a Busy Head
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Absolute Ambient, 2002

Matt Coldrick has established to taking a turn in his career after being founder of a trance band. Next to composing for film and Tv, he now has put out an album with soothing mind-music to shut down the many things that keep out head busy day after day.

“Music for a Busy Head”, a deep ambient album designed to take the listener on a journey inwards, wanders nicely along the edge of chill-out and drone-ambient with some rather Asian influences. His down-tempo creations, eight in total, are quite simple but so effective.

Soft pulse-like sounds, light effects and loops are entwined into a subtle sound spectrum, sometimes using a sequencer-pattern like in twinkling one in the fifth track. Low lingering bass-tones here and there lofty bounce underneath all this as it approaches and penetrates our deeper senses 50 minutes long.

Matt achieved all this very well by using repetition of sound and its sequence in a very delicate way…
Highly recommended.



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