Matt Goodluck – Inner Cosmos

Matt Goodluck - Inner Cosmos

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Matt Goodluck – Inner Cosmos

Matt Goodluck is a relatively new composer on the scene but has a long history in the music business. Having gained invaluable insights by working for independent labels in Europe in the 90s, he returned to Australia in the early 00s where he began singing on the local circuit. In 2014, he joined Australia’s largest Pink Floyd tribute act Echoes of Pink Floyd as lead vocalist and now tours all over the country.

The content of his debut album “Inner Cosmos” -already finished and released in the second half of 2023, but seeing a physical CD release now on the independent US label OtherSide- tells a different story. Taking inspiration from (the classic sound of) TD, Vangelis, John Carpenter, and even a slice of Oldfield, the nearly 55-minute release -paying homage to the past as well as painting the present- contains a versatile set of 14 instrumentals weaving mini soundtracks for the mind’s eye. Well, the beautiful, atmospheric, and sometimes dark all pass by during this excursion into our inner cosmic realm, at times unpredictable yet full of warmth and wonder. The Bandcamp edition of “Inner Cosmos” comes with an exclusive bonus track as well as an exclusive PDF booklet.





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