Matthew Florianz – Jaren

Matthew Florianz - Jaren

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Matthew Florianz – Jaren
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, H/S Recordings, 2006

Here’s a fine ambient recording celebrating the beauty, momentum and special meaning of each of the four seasons taking place during the year cycle. “Jaren” was released in 2006 as a limited edition bonus cd-r to pre-orders of the cd release of Mr Florianz’s “Niemandsland”, and originally presented the four tracks (read: seasons) as four gapless suites.

For the download release, now available for free from the composer’s website, H/S label-owner Daren Scott re-mastered the outcome while also tapping into hours of previously unreleased audio sketches and music for the concept. While being submerged in its profound ambient realm, he decided to release the four suites/ sound collages as a continuous long form journey.

As a result of this approach, Matthew’s environmental soundscapes have been transported and extended to another level, allowing the profound intrinsic moods and feel of each of the seasons to glow on an even larger, deepening and quite hypnotizing scale. As can be expected, the reflective, the melancholic and the introspective meet and intensify each other as we immerse into the deeper end on the extended tracks “Herfst” and “Winter”.

It will make even more sense if you absorb “Jaren” attentively with a good pair of headphones. This way, the sober but meaningful 60-minute cinematic journey creates its own cocoon where the quieting, morphing soundscapes and textural drones interact and unfold gradually.
Be patient though if you want to fully experience “Jaren”, as its beauty travels slowly inward and silently…


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