Matthew Florianz – Mass Object

Matthew Florianz - Mass Object

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Matthew Florianz – Mass Object
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2019

Sketching out the realm of untouched, undiscovered matter and delving into deeper layers are just a few characteristics of the ambient music of Dutch composer Matthew Florianz.

“Mass Object” offers a 49-minute cinematic journey into expansive cosmic space made up by strings of ominous, dark soundscapes merged with mysterious (under)currents as they morph into the deep end.

Originally, the fifth track “Spectrum Burst” (an abstract-experimental, alienating travelogue featuring waves of static/disruptive distortion, therefore making the hardest and most demanding track on the release to my ears) was more than double its current length – with 45 minutes it could take up an entire album in itself. It was shortened here to 21 minutes to balance the album, but for those who want to experience the total immersive trip, it is added as a bonus track to the album download as “Spectrum Burst (debug)”. It seems the long version of “Spectrum Burst” will become available separately later.

Overlooking the full outcome I feel “Spectrum Burst” is too disruptive and disquiet compared to the preceding tracks while also straying too far away from my personal taste.


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