Matthew Florianz – Onontgonnen

Matthew Florianz - Onontgonnen

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Matthew Florianz – Onontgonnen
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2017

Many of the works of accomplished ambient composer and sound designer Matthew Florianz feature carefully moulded intrinsic and deep ambiences with an adventurous approach.

“Onontgonnen” (a Dutch word meaning uncharted) is an aural journey for the slow lane leading the listener into uncharted terrain, a 60-minute atmospheric ambient world of exploration and discovery best experienced with headphones. Besides the album’s occasional dreamy character it’s a kaleidoscope of elements dissolving and resurfacing in the meandering, organic-infused dronescape.

The implementation of extensive field and environmental sampling recordings into the mix adds a most intriguing layer to the introspective sonic thread as it unwinds slowly but surely step by step before the mind’s eye. Above all, expect an imaginary, challenging and rewarding audio trip.


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