Matthew Florianz – Tauern

Matthew Florianz - Tauern

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Matthew Florianz – Tauern
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2008/2015

When we look at imaginative and narrative ambient, the works of Matthew Florianz always stir a different pair of emotive strings for me that I find rather hard to pinpoint. The version of “Tauern” reviewed here is actually a re-release of the original 2008 album in a revised, 24-bit edition, for which the composer dropped some of the rhythm elements while replacing the last track entirely.

What at first seems a kind of contemporary classical music on the open track “Österreich” shifts to gentle textural dwellings and environmental soundscapes thereafter. Best listened to and enjoyed with quality headphones, Florianz spacious sketches can submerge in mesmerizing tranquility before rising up to elevating states with evocative, morphing waves.

The excellent 6-minute title piece (an old substrate word for mountain, mountain pass or crossing) marks the captivating entrance to a world of lush whirling ambiences and farscapes. “Katschberg” extends on these enchanting textural worlds marvelously, while the finale (“Wolfsberg”) adds a spiraling sequencer-pattern and pulsating vibe to maximize the impact of vapor-drawings sketched out previously. Aficionados of cinematic and contemplative ambient should make sure to check this out.

Purchasers of this “re-imagination” of “Tauern” will also receive the original 6-tracks from the 2008 release as bonus tracks (presented in 16-bit) plus one track not available on the re-release.


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