Matthew Florianz – Wasteland Signals

Matthew Florianz - Wasteland Signals


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Matthew Florianz – Wasteland Signals
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2016

“Wasteland Signals” is a nine-track/low-volume ambient environment soundscape that addresses introspective spaces and is a perfect for headphone listening.

The overall lush and gliding outcome, in development since 2012, takes the listener to a far-off place and inner core where organic along ethereal elements float around to expansive delight. There’s beautiful remoteness and serenity found in the narrative, slow morphing and silencing textural landscapes as they dwell onward into the distance, leaving behind pleasant pulsations, melancholy and wonder. The surreal sonic alchemy surfacing occasionally reminded me of the highly imaginary/multi-media work of Wave World.

To perceive the aural dimensions and the albums overall immersive impact, focused listening and various spins in a quiet, non-distractive environment is essential. Mr Florianz has simply delivered another ambient gem, ideal to break away from the turmoil in nowadays world.

Purchase of “Wasteland Signals” comes with 30+ minutes of extra music and high quality 48khz/24bit sourced downloads in various formats.


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