Max Corbacho – A Connection to the Wonder

Max Corbacho - A Connection to the Wonder  


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Max Corbacho – A Connection to the Wonder
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Silentsun, 2021

The title of this album is well chosen as it’s an entrance into a magical world of expansive, serene textural vistas and alternate realities. An abundance of velvet, overtly smooth evolving tapestries is already on display on the 39-minute title track kicking things off, an intimate symphony transcending through time and space with various beautiful ethereal nods and immersive elements surfacing and fading during the ride. Overall, it’s a walk into the light with subtle melodic parts where tenderness, a flash of mourning as well as a sense of awe shine through the notes.

On “This Space is being created”, atmospheres shift to a tad darker, nocturnal tone while we journey across the view into massive cosmic environs. Soft pads lead into “Quiet Renewal” where gentle textural chord progressions in Steve Roach-modus create imaginary warm rays of sunlight.

In all, these are calm, and most gracious resonations are suitable companions addressing the celestial beyond as well interior spaces.


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