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Max Corbacho - Ars Lucis


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Max Corbacho – Ars Lucis
CD, ad21music, 2009

After the gentle ambience of his 2008-release “BreathStream”, Max Corbacho takes us to ambient heaven with his release “Ars Lucis”.
Those familiar with his work know what he’s capable of, spending lots of time in his studio sculpturing and harmonizing a continuous flow of expansive textures, which now have ended up in deep, captivating meditative realms.

As Max explains, a main theme runs smoothly through all tracks of the album in a subtle way, “spreading mystical, delicate scents through labyrinthine passages ascending and spiralling to the vaults”. The contemplative, dreamy sphere (with a touch of Steve Roach) created by this long form, highly atmospheric music is a welcome counterpoint for nowadays fast and hectic life. The almost 74–minute outcome on “Ars Lucis” is velvet, celestial music that drift along in multiple colours and through subsequent different sonic zones around its beautiful core.

This grand and spacious music reaches for expansive worlds of splendour, of which the mood is already set by the great photography of a French cathedral on the cd-cover.
Nice going, Max!

After having been out of print for several years, April 2019 saw the re-release of “Ars Lucis” as 10th Anniversary Edition on factory-presed cd and download. The latter comes with the download-only bonus track “The Invisible Embrace” created at the same time and available as a free track.


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