Max Corbacho – Arte Magnetica

Max Corbacho - Arte Magnetica

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Max Corbacho – Arte Magnetica
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, SilentSun , 2017

Extreme weather conditions have been a source of inspiration through the years for various ambient composers, just think of Robert Rich (“Calling down the Sky”) or Steve Roach (“Slow Heat”, “Storm Warning”).

With “Arte Magnetica” Spanish sound sculptor Max Corbacho delivers his contribution to the subject painting an aural panorama of lush textural expansiveness along slow shapeshifting farscapes echoing the impact and tranquility of long hot summer days. These absorbing, gently morphing and embracing soundscapes travel into the deeper end visiting darker corners on “Monolith” and “Telluric” while starting to resurge into the light gradually from mysterious depths and clouds of dense spheres on the last two tracks of “Arte Magnetica”.
Nice going Max!


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