Max Corbacho – Atmospheric Twilight

Max Corbacho - Atmospheric Twilight

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Max Corbacho – Atmospheric Twilight

Expansive, gracious, and awe-inspiring textural landscapes have been a trademark of Max Corbacho since I ran into his music around 2000. Every release he put out appears as an invitation to explore a new dimensional space carved out of rays of pastel colours. The realms we encounter are vaporous, ethereal, profound, and infinite as they wash all over and/or embrace the listener, something happening for sure when listening with a quality headset in a relaxed position.

“Atmospheric Twilight” sees a further extension of the aforementioned, so no surprises there. Still, Max’s pure, minimal and profound atmospheric vistas accompany us with calm and introspection into the wide open. The latter -hovering gently between earth and sky- appears fluid, weightless, and enchanting in the 45-minute title piece opening the recording. It’s an aural painting where mesmerizing sound currents unfold in the slow lane to a full, soft glistening effect after the veils of mist found at the entrance have disappeared. Mysterious, haunting semblances set out on “Stillness Glow” as we elevate to a higher sphere without effort while the ambience starts dissolving gradually on the “Dusk Awakens”. Nice going, Max.


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