Max Corbacho & Bruno Sanfilippo – Indalo

Max Corbacho & Bruno Sanfilippo - Indalo


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Max Corbacho & Bruno Sanfilippo – Indalo
CD-R, ad21 Music, 2004

“Indalo” is the first full-length collaborative effort of these two musicians, who made their own music-business by starting ad21 Music. The concept-album is named after an old Andalusian symbol which still can be found in nowadays Spain.

In 2001, Corbacho & Sanfilippo made a journey to a natural park in the south of Spain, where they were overwhelmed by strong impressions & strange beauty of the landscape. Later on they decided to transform them into ambient music.

Well, the two have done an excellent job: “Indalo” offers a tremendous atmosphere in which vast textures carry the listener away, accompanied at times by sophisticated tribal percussion.

It’s equal to Steve Roach in his best days, where the same beauty lies deep within the carefully crafted soundscapes.
Both the darker and lighter shades of life seem to meet in this ongoing journey, ranging from cosmic territory before spiralling down to earth again.

All in all, this is a great release, one that deserves a high recommendation.


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