Max Corbacho – Dreaming Spaces

Max Corbacho - Dreaming Spaces

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Max Corbacho – Dreaming Spaces
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Silent Sun, 2019/2020

Due to popular demand, this album got a limited edition physical release after it had been offered as a free download and thank-you from Max Corbacho to all his loyal fans worldwide.

“Dreaming Spaces” is a deep and compelling ambient journey into lucid, multi-dimensional space environs made up of fluid, pastel-coloured synth textures seasoned with various effect processors. Listeners (whom I recommend using headphones for a deep listening experience) dwell in a meditative, weightless and endless expanse. In the last section of the 73-minute ambient recording the smooth freeform pads brighten up, creating a profound elevating feel as it morphs onward, disappearing into the infinite eventually.



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