Max Corbacho – Echo of Longing

Max Corbacho – Echo of Longing


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Max Corbcho –  Echo of Longing
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Silentsun, 2019

Majestic, in-depth and beckoning soundworlds keep coming from Barcelona-based ambient-master Max Corbacho. The 73-minute “Echo of Longing” is another example of his great talent featuring three long tracks that immerse and embrace the listener into a myriad of introspective soundwaves of pastel-coloured splendour in just a few minutes. Their grand expanse of cyclic, slow morphing and evolving textural waves address various currents of dynamic yet gracious stillness along energy levels shifting gently as the freeform journey suspends in timeless motion. Dwelling on the edge of these wavering atmospheres reaching out to the infinite beyond is both hypnotizing and fulfilling.

“Echo of Longing” is another must-buy for deep listening aficionados and fans of space music.


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