Max Corbacho – Equinox

Max Corbacho - Equinox


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Max Corbacho – Equinox
CD/Digital Download, Silentsun, 2022

A most gracious, gentle evolving sound world of repose and contemplation lies at the core of “Equinox”, a 74-minute textural extravaganza by Spanish ambient master Max Corbacho. Max already announced the recording at the end of May 2022 as a sound distillation from an idea created in 2019 that had taken definitive form in recent months as a serene, breathing, bright, and positive long track.

Well, transcending in Mr. Corbacho’s continuous long-form expanse is another lovely and most satisfying undertaking with great sets of floating, longing, and atmospheric pads. The latter evaporate pleasant rays of energy as the constellation of dreamful tapestries linger onward, occasionally even in a weightless, effortless manner.  It’s simply another must-have for ambient/space aficionados.


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