Max Corbacho – Far Beyond The Immobile Point

Max Corbacho - Far Beyond The Immobile Point

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Max Corbacho – Far Beyond The Immobile Point
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2000/2011

This is the second release of Spanish composer Max Corbacho, presenting a collection of seven non-rhythmic, highly atmospheric ambient space tracks, so taking a different road than was heard on his nice debut “Vestiges”.

The inspiration for “Far beyond the Immobile Point” actually came from the first chapter of Umberto Eco´s novel “Foucault’s Pendulum”. Eco’s poetical vision of the universe presented in his work inspired Max to do a much more introspective and contemplative work. The music breaths far more abstraction and the lack of rhythm and percussion reinforced his vision of remoteness in the universe.

Overall, the quiet, slowly expanding and flowing music breaths a beautiful sense of darkness but remains accessible all the way.
“Invisible Jewel” is of a lighter nature and is strong piece of harmonious textural spacescapes drifting by.
The album, which is especially suitable as night music, concludes with the 20-minute title track, a great floating tour-de-force into the grandness and serenity of the cosmos surrounding us.

Recommended, especially for fans of Steve Roach.

P.S. In March 2011, “Far Beyond the Immobile Point” was re-released as a digital download, which included two unreleased bonus tracks (“Ancient Transition” and “Hundred Miles of Emptiness”) recorded at the same time of the intial recording of the album. In addition, all gaps between the tracks have been fixed, resulting in a seamless atmospheric ambient experience as originally intended by the composer.


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