Max Corbacho – Future Terrain

Max Corbacho - Future Terrain

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Max Corbacho – Future Terrain

In April 2015, Spanish synthesist Max Cobacho announced two new releases. One of them is download-only album “Future Terrain”. Created alongside the factory-pressed cd “Splendid Labyrinths”, Max imagined the outcome a remote sci-fi futuristic landscape, a dark background filling the space in slow motion.

Well, the 58-minute outcome is a continuous ambient soundscape of expansive textures and drone tapestries addressing the darker side, a total drift into a sonic well of minimalist very low bass notes and soundscapes.

This free form ambient music, sounding like a soundtrack for massive morphing landslides/glaciers (think the same sensation evoked by the expanse on Roach’s “Landmass” or the releases on Glacial Movements) or the gathering of mega clouds, is for deeper listening only and to be played at low volume. A lighter nod surfaces at the tail of the recording.
The sound design though is a bit crammed and stuffed occasionally, but that may be due to the thick layering of the grand waves and less time spend on the mastering in favor of “Splendid Labyrinths”.

P.S. the album was released on cd in December 2016 as an extended and remastered edition of 73 minutes.


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