Max Corbacho – Lost Links II

Max Corbacho - Lost Links II


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Max Corbacho– Lost Links II (The Complete Collection)

In 2011, Max Corbacho released “Lost Links”, a set of atmospheric and space music tracks that were shelved although they were composed initially to fit on a concept album, compilation or project that fell through. Those tracks are now found on the second disc of “Lost Links II”, so for a description of those, I refer to the original review. Well, there seemed to be much more unreleased, rescued, and abandoned pieces in Corbacho’s archive that now see the beautiful light of day as well. Here, another 74 minutes of enchanting, lush morphing and graceful slow-motion soundscapes divided over 9 tracks unfolds, completing the previous set very nicely.

These imaginary, dream-inducing textures make space and time dissolve effortlessly and are best cherished with quality headphones. I even dare say Max is surpassing Steve Roach by far on various deep atmospheric outings such as “The Present Miracle”, “Slow Rust”, “North Rose Alignment” and “Beyond Vaults”.

This release (the two-disc, deluxe 6-panel eco pack / digisleeve is limited to 200 copies) again proves Mr. Corbacho belongs to the league of best ambient composers around the globe. If you got a busy, stressful head, this is your ticket to slow it down and find balance again.


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