Max Corbacho – Moontribe

Max Corbacho - Moontribe


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Max Corbacho – Moontribe
CD-R, ad21 Music, 2004

“Moontribe” contains a collection of previously unreleased tracks, meant for collaborative projects that finally did not happen, plus two brand new pieces.

I must say it’s great Max didn’t put them on the shelf, as the music presented here is some pretty awesome stuff.
It’s an impressive aural journey of 67 minutes through vast tribal-ambient territory in which organic soundscaping comes together with strong rhythmic counterpoints. Captivating tribal rhythms and moving groove-scapes know how to pamper the ears.

Max proves he can stand in his own right next to the ambient-mastery of Steve Roach and alike.
“Moontribe” is heartfelt and left a deep impression on me. This bright and varied recording is an absolute must-have for ambient music fans.


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