Max Corbacho – Nocturnal Emanations

Max Corbacho - Nocturnal Emanations

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Max Corbacho – Nocturnal Emanations
CD-R, Private Release, 2004

“Nocturnal Emanations” is the fourth album of the Spanish ambient composer Max Corbacho, which again is worth the long wait.
It features typical quiet long form ambient-space music divided in eight tracks, in which transparent synthwashes slowly develop and dissolve.

A certain comparison to the current ambient excursions and light drone-textural worlds of his US collegue Steve Roach (again) can’t be denied. Beside that, Corbacho has arranged a beautiful backing with a vast array of environmental sounds and fx’s, giving the musical painting an almost dense atmosphere.

The slow flowing and morphing soundscapes, sometimes accompanied by distinct ambient percussion and sequencer treats (in which a slight high-tech component like Vir Unis is obvious), even gain effect when experienced in the evening or at night when using headphones.

Stillness and introspectiveness all make up for over 73 minutes of very enjoyable atmospheric music. That is, this length seems to have become the standard for such recordings since a couple of years…


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