Max Corbacho – Nocturnes III

Max Corbacho - Nocturnes III

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Max Corbacho – Nocturnes III

With “Nocturnes III”, Max Corbacho brings his audience the last chapter of the trilogy started in 2017 featuring music inspired by the vast and desolate night landscapes of Spain’s Aragon and Extremadura. Hardly any people live out there, as such being one of the few remaining places in Europe where one can still feel that wonderful sense of loneliness and stillness outside the maelstrom of our time.

Reminiscent of the previous volumes, the highly atmospheric, overall textural expanses celebrate the awe and wonder evocated by nature’s scenery as well as channelling its pure energy. It’s again a beautifully rendered calm, introspective aural world opening up here, surpassing the already high quality ambiences of the previous volumes. So ambient-aficionados: put on your headphones and sail away into these most gentle and immersive vistas. Nice going, Max.




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