Max Corbacho – Nocturnes

Max Corbacho - Nocturnes

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Max Corbacho – Nocturnes
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Silentsun, 2017

“Nocturnes” (the debut release on Max’s own label Silentsun, created exclusively for his solo albums from now on) is the first episode of a trilogy with night landscapes as a theme. The long hours lived on many night-time excursions and capturing the places visited in great photos (see the albums nice cover art), inspired the talented Max Corbacho to set out on a vast journey of expansive textures, deep ambiences and spheres.

The 73-minute outcome, kicked off by the epic 52-minute track “Dark Sky Opening”, is a most calming, lush and dreamy affair of carefully layered, slow morphing soundscapes and loops that spiral slowly up and downward in velvet spaciousness. Its soothing current, deep quality and intrinsic voice line up most nicely beyond the tranquil, infinite-playback ambient works of Steve Roach where space and time seem to have dissolved. While unwinding, the emotive sonic vistas (sliding into some shadows on the two shorter pieces now and then) spread a distinct perfume of infiniteness, awe and wonder through its veins while a focused ear will also pick up currents of soft glistening surfacing occasionally.

Headphone listening is highly recommended to experience the full scope, depth and profound immersion embedded in this quality ambient release.


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