Max Corbacho – Source of Present

Max Corbacho - Source of Present


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Max Corbacho – Source of Present
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Silentsun, 2017

Being a long time ambient fan myself I’ve reviewed quite a bit of music fitting the bill to slow down the mind and detach from busy modern life, offering a doorway to tranquil spheres for contemplation and introspection. The sphere paintings created by Spanish composer Max Corbacho in the last decade fit this category as well, most notably “Ars Lucis” and his is epic double album “The Ocean Inside”.

A kindred kind of beauty and intrinsic power making those albums special is also felt in the tranquil, smooth morphing textural waves and currents making up “Source of Present”, which also holds a distinct nocturnal touch and feel. Imminent currents raise from the deep on the evocative opener “The beginning of remembering”. From there, the smooth and spacious drift continues on five separate tracks as a dreamy, highly immersive aural tapestry shifting neatly between light and shadow.

The profound feel marking the opener also applies to the two longer pieces found at the end of this high quality release. Immersion strikes deep on the 18-minute title piece, an aural celebration of the here and now. On the final track “On this journey” (that I would rename “Into the Infinite”) soft, warm and rich rays of sunlight lit up making place and time dissolve without effort.

With “Source of present” Max has produced another winner and a great companion for those doing some soul searching and inner travel.


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