Max Corbacho – Splendid Labyrinths

Max Corbacho - Splendid Labyrinths

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Max Corbacho – Splendid Labyrinths
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, ad 21 music, 2015

Since he started out releasing music in 1999, accomplished composer Max Corbacho had delivered the ambient community a very nice and consistent collection of highly spherical ambiences.

“Splendid Labyrinths” (following right after his download-only dark ambient recording “Future Terrain”) is a next chapter in his what Max likes to refer to as his pursuit of purely atmospheric expression, a deep reflection on our journey through life, change, growth, discovery, movement and transformation at every step along the way.

Well, the 73-minute immersive and highly evocative outcome is a free form and beatless tapestry of gentle breathing spaces and vast textural wave patterns wherein elevating and introspective powers pass by. Imaginary sonic drift is key here, taking the listeners to far-off places, hidden canyons and depths during its expansive current of slowly shifting soundscapes in which a profound sense of the enigmatic surfaces occasionally. “Wave of Reflection” and the stellar “Wonderheart” both reflect the inner drift throughout, coming forward overtly smooth, spacious and even a bit sensuous. The very Roach-like “Shaping the Endless” concludes the album with fluid waveforms and ethereal textural farscapes.

All in all, “Splendid Labyrinths” makes a very nice and moody addition to any Corbacho-collection.


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