Max Corbacho – The Delicate Essence of Solitude

Max Corbacho - The Delicate Essence of Solitude

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Max Corbacho – The Delicate Essence of Solitude
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Silentsun, 2024

The majority of Max Corbacho’s output -often hypnotic-oriented- sonic landscapes help the listener transcend into a deeper, alternate reality while urging to simply feel and reflect on a personal level in a non-intrusive manner.

The warm sonic background featured in “The Delicate Essence of Solitude” fills the space effortlessly while swirling and evolving in slow motion as we drift off into far-off places with unknown destiny and a horizon across the view that keeps expanding. As in Max’s previous works, a subtle sense of mystery fades in and out occasionally in the gentle spiraling textural spheres, as are the many passages when things elevate into ethereal, mesmerizing realms. I feel the latter is especially present and felt in “The Intangible Essence” and Oracle of Dawn”. It’s such a pity though, that this quality recording didn’t make it onto CD due to lots of issues and hassle.

Overall rating: between 3.5 and 4 stars.



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