Max Corbacho – The Ocean Inside

Max Corbacho - The Ocean Inside


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RMax Corbacho – The Ocean Inside

After quite a quite a long hiatus, Spanish ambient composer Max Corbacho is back with double album of expertly crafted atmospheric ambient pieces, clocking over 140 minutes.

Bearing the subtitle “slow movements from the depths”, Mr Corbacho takes his listeners on an epic and stellar soundscape journey with a vast range of extensive, highly immersive flows and currents.

There’s a beautiful ebb and flow shifting through the emotive and profound ethereal sound paintings, taking the listener out into the spectacular of wide open, constantly shifting spaces which lack any melody.

This uninterrupted smooth alchemy of ambient/space sound architecture connects with the massive sound worlds Mr Roach was known for many years. This accomplished Spanish musician jumped on the power trail of drift music where Steve seems to have lost quite a bit of his magic in recent years, ending each disc with a long dreamy track.

All in all, the long form and beatless “The Ocean Inside” is gently evolving, pure atmospheric bliss evoking a beautiful sense of wonder and awe. This excellently produced and mastered ascent into the deep blue depth is highly recommended.


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