Max Corbacho – The Resonant Memory of Earth

Max Corbacho - The Resonant Memory of Earth

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Max Corbacho – The Resonant Memory of Earth
CD, Space for Music, 2002

After a long search, the talented Max Corbacho has found a new home at the US-label Space for Music.

“The Resonant Memory of Earth”, of which the outcome again is one of pure beauty, sees Max return to the basics of “Vestiges”.
His passion for natural, desolate and remote places is still present, and again formed an important source of inspiration to recreated his personal feelings on these environments with a succession of quiet sounds and harmonies.
In addition, the album was a very emotive work for Max, as it coincided with a journey to the Sahara desert in Morocco, where he explored the corners of his mind in search for answers.

The cd contains four lengthy tracks, the last one being the 38-minute title track, which all are absolute candy for the ears.
The free form music is actually one vast drift of transparent, non-rhythmic, soft whirling and morphing textures which gently leads the listener through the outer regions, where mysterious undercurrents occasionally pass by.

The title track is the only one which features a heavy ambient beat setting in after approximately 20 minutes. This is excellent atmospheric music to explore the dimensions of space, time and place.

Although still reminiscent of the works of Steve Roach, this well produced album more and more shows Max’s own fingerprint and expertise.


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