Max Corbacho – Vestiges

Max Corbacho - Vestiges

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Max Corbacho – Vestiges
CD, Free Records, 1999

“Vestiges” is the beautiful debut album by Spanish ambient musician Max Corbaxo, who later would start his own label ad21Music with his friend Bruno Sanfilippo.
More than once, he has been described as the Spanish Steve Roach, due to the fact that he composes tribal-influenced desert music, although I think he doesn’t step any further in Steve’s footsteps than Robert Rich, Vir Unis, or MaJaLe have done.

From the first track “Desolada”, the listener can hear a very talented ambient musician at work, who’s introspective, expansive sound worlds and microtonal harmonies feature a nice dose of world percussion that echoes distinct flavours of Roach’s monumental work “Dreamtime Return” and beyond.

Corbacho’s organic infused sonic pallet mirrors a beautiful sense of desolation and magic that slowly lingers on, keeping your attention all the way as the journey unfolds.

All in al, the 53-minute “Vestiges” is proof of well-balanced, highly atmospheric ambient music.
A perfect companion to imaginary explore the remote, open vastness of desert environments.


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