Max Würden – Format

Max Würden – Format

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Max Würden – Format
LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, A Strangely Isolated Place, 2019

Fall and wintertime are most suitable to listen to quieting environment ambient, and this one fits in that category. “Format” by Cologne-based soundsculptor Max Würden is a contemporary ambient release recorded over a period of two years using various kinds of techniques ranging from studio recordings, looping live performances as well as assorted field recordings.

The result is hallucinogenic, organic-infused, pastoral soundscape-drone music best listened to through speakers instead of headphones to grab its environmental spaciousness to the fullest. This way one can really grab the in-depth sense of stillness, introspective nature, expansiveness and haunting vibe running through and underneath the abstract impressions. Eno’s “Ambient #4 On Land” popped up a few times in the back of my mind, but in the end I feel this is a vague comparison to this Max’s peculiar, minimalist-oriented, slow morphing work of sound-art. Pinnacle tracks are opener “Capsules of Energy” along “Exothermic Reaction” and “Constituent Elements” both rounding out the recording.

The download version of “Format” comes with an “album continuous mix” as a bonus.




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