Meg Bowles – A Quiet Light

Meg Bowles - A Quiet Light

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Meg Bowles – A Quiet Light
CD, Kumatone Records, 2011

I had the idea classically-trained female synthesist fell of the radar about a decade or so ago, after she had composed some very nice cosmic albums. So what a nice surprise to hear she re-entered the electronic music scene at the start of 2011, at the same time announcing a brand new cd with visionary space music: “A Quiet Light”.

The 65-minute album features six soothing, free form and overall lush “tone poems”, a tranquil resting place to immerse into. The harmonious mix of mysterious, slightly melodic soundscapes and smooth drifting textural farscapes evoke a sense of wonder, but also feature glimpses of New Age music as Meg’s slow, gradually unfolding soundworld pass by. The first track “Nocturnal Flight” is a great floater while the gentle neo-classical orchestration of “Beyond the Far Shore” could sit nicely next to the works of Jonn Serrie or Chuck Wild’s Liquid Mind.

All in all, Meg’s meditative musical painting is a chill-out universe of its own, one that will be appreciated easily by fans of her previous work.
Nicely done.


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