Meg Bowles – Evensong – Canticles for the Earth

Meg Bowles - Evensong - Canticles for the Earth


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Meg Bowles – Evensong – Canticles for the Earth
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Kumatone Records, 2018

Although the word “Evensong” most often refers to the traditional Anglican Church service, various forms of prayer and song at the end of the day have been practiced by humankind across cultures for thousands of years. On a personal level, US-based composer Meg Bowles finds being outdoors during this time of day can be a very powerful antidote for a turbulent world.

“Evensong” draws inspiration from the essence of evening- a time of contemplation and reflection- as well as the idea of a practice of gratitude as expressed through a song cycle while also being rooted in the land, lake, and sky where the composer lives. In addition, throughout this body of work Meg felt compelled to hold the tension between major and minor harmonies as well as between metered and unmetered time.

Thus, the music featured on the 63-minute “Evensong – Canticles for the Earth” is a beautifully crafted collection of uplifting, contemplative and emotive ambient space music of a floating, gentle swirling nature with subtle rhythmic structures surfacing sideways occasionally.
The fourth track “Chalice of Shadows” taps into an even deeper level, a darker edge of twilight which can be perceived as haunting and mysterious while “Berceuse for a Star Child” following next is meant as a cosmic music lullaby for the Star Child in all of us.


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