Meg Bowles – From the Dark Earth

Meg Bowles - From the Dark Earth  


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Meg Bowles – From the Dark Earth
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Kumatone Records, 1999

“From the Dark Earth” is Meg Bowles’ fourth album, which delivered a wonderful sample of space music with predecessor “Blue Cosmos”. For this release, Meg collaborated work with internationally renowned trumpeter David Bilger (and some contributions by Cynthia Bilger on horn) of the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Listening to this album I was often reminded of the famous Mark Isham, precisely because of the trumpet. Meg Bowles dense soundscapes, shifting from light to dark (with distinct, slightly tribal-like rhythms) form a beautiful backdrop to Bilger’s excellent, centrally positioned trumpet playing, which fortunately only has a slightly jazzy feel to it in the opening track. It’s an album to dream away with for about 66 minutes. Personally, I only regret that there is not a single track without trumpet, as I was very curious to find out how Meg’s background space textures would sound. Sound quality and production are without a doubt excellent.

Website: www.megbowlesmusic,

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