Meg Bowles – The Shimmering Land

Meg Bowles - The Shimmering Land


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Meg Bowles – The Shimmering Land
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Kumatone Records, 2013

“The Shimmering Land” is a 60-minute collection of lush and highly emotive ambient space music, smoothly morphing through tender, soft resonating spaces. The outcome is ambient/orchestral, but still differentiates from the works of e.g. Altus or Jonn Serrie.

Meg’s delicately-crafted and subtle melodic creations leave a sense of calm and introspection as it moves forward in a classical framework while leaving tender sonic footprints. Opener “Undulant Sea” is already a straight winner with its beautiful rise-and-fall of drifting textures. The six carefully molded cinematic and evocative sound paintings feature profound dreamy, fairy-tale undercurrents that lead the listener into deep cosmic spaces beyond.

All together it forms a fascinating and magical aerial ride, featuring slow chord changes and most subtle composition structures offering wondrous vistas that keep shifting and playing before the mind’s eye.

The pastoral-flavored “The Shimmering Land” merges the ancient, the unknown and the mystical in a beautiful immersive manner, at times sonically linking to the in-depth music of Max Corbacho, Thom Brennan or Jon Jenkins.
This soft glowing ambient travelogue is highly recommended.


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