Meg Bowles – Voices from the Ethereal Forest

Meg Bowles - Voices from the Ethereal Forest

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Meg Bowles – Voices from the Ethereal Forest

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Kumatone Records, 2022

Synthesist Meg Bowles considers music -which she always has experienced very visually- as a primary language, a means to link to vivid worlds full of feeling. From the beginning in the early 90-s, she chose to self-release her music as it proved the most efficient way to bring it into the world with the greatest amount of artistic freedom while retaining full control over the final outcome.

“Voices from the Ethereal Forest”, her ninth album to date, is another beautifully made work of ambient calm. The 57-minute, seven-track release (inspired by the life-sustaining beauty and mystery of forests past and present) is both impressionistic and introspective. Similar to Meg’s previous albums, the ambient textural-choral music blends various strong emotive components ranging from tender, to serene alongside a few darker-infused soundscapes. While drawing the listener gradually further inward, its sonic tread makes us follow another path of deeper understanding (as was the case on Meg’s previous “Pilgrimage”).

All in all, if you’re looking for an enchanting sanctuary, I sure recommend delving into the evocative soundworlds making up “Voices from the Ethereal Forest”.


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