Megatone – Pure Land

Megatone - Pure Land

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Megatone – Pure Land
CD-R, Private Release, 2008

The musician behind Megatone is DJ and classically-trained electronic composer Marcel Gherman, who hails from Moldova Republic.

“On Land”, inspired by one of Gherman’s recent fantasy literary projects, contains 18 tracks of highly cinematic and neo-classical music, which at times slightly reminds of the visual music of Vangelis, having the same impact and encompassing nature.

“Blue Skies over Arcadia” and “Portal to Hyperspace” are sweeping, symphonic outing of electronic textures (the latter even having a cathedral feel), while other pieces like “Nirvana” “Black Lotus” or “Nirvana” realm in quiet ambient spaces.

The longest track on the album is “Infinity”, featuring some gentle, slowly drifting introspective textures, halfway switching to alienating effects and ending in a rather experimental style.

Fortunately, the next -but all rather short- tracks float better in a pleasant ambient/space way, of which especially “Ocean of Oblivion” and “Turquoise” are very well done. Experimental edges come forth on “Moksha” and “Osidian”.
Those who love film-oriented electronic music should have a listen to this recording.

“On Land” is available as digital download on the Italian digital label Tibprod.



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